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Sat, Jun. 25th, 2005, 11:27 pm
Who Are You?

The door opens easily and makes little noise. Though Master Kenobi has forbidden students to visit the tower you find yourself walking up the old stone steps. You have your reasons.

The Force tingles in the air around you. In the shadowy light of your glowbar you can make out footprints in the dust. Someone has been here before you.
At the top of the stairs you hesitate. A nightbird cries out somewhere in the darkness. Light flickers from underneath the door before you. Can you hear whispering? Is someone in there now?
You consider turning around and going back to bed, but something tugs at you...
You open the door and step into the tower room. It's very cold...

And empty. Decaying furniture lies scattered around the floor. Tattered pages of some mouldy book flutter half-heartedly in the wind.
Your first sensation is relief - how silly you were to be worried. Nothing here can hurt you, unless you have allergies.
From the window you can see the main Temple compound. The other Jedi are probably sleeping now.

Slowly the hairs on the back of your neck begin to rise. You feel a presence in the room. You turn from the window but see no one. An oppressive air hangs upon this place. A great sadness fills your heart.

As you move towards the door it slowly swings closed, as if pushed by the breeze. The power in your glowbar flickers for a moment and then goes out.

Who are you?
(Deleted comment)

Sun, Jun. 26th, 2005 11:54 pm (UTC)

A faint glow grows in the darkness, like a pool of light coalescing into the shape of a man. The figure stands a few inches taller than you, its face is partially obscured by its translucent robes. It stalks towards you slowly...

Jedi? That is not a name... But, yes, I do feel the Force in you. Why have you come to my tower? Did Kenobi send you?
No. I think not. You aren't meant to be here, I can sense it. And more, I can smell your fear... and anger. No, not a Jedi, whatever your name.

Tell me, boy, why have you come to my prison?