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Tue, Jun. 28th, 2005, 01:48 pm
Round Two

The spectre awaits you. He sits in a highbacked chair formed of living shadow. A smile spreads slowly across his face.

Welcome back, sir knight. How may I help you?
(Deleted comment)

Tue, Jun. 28th, 2005 09:41 pm (UTC)

In the days I was alive the temple rule was strict here. We were active in a war against the Sith, we had no time for the niceties of open-thought and free discussion. The knights and masters were much like your friend, if it differed from the approved jedi view it was obviously a path to the dark side.

I became disillusioned. I spent more time in meditation. I realised the Jedi were stifling the growth of their charges so we would make better soldiers.
I couldn't stomach the Sith though. I loathed their hate and they were just a close-minded and bigoted as the jedi if not more so.

My padawan and I fled the temple. We hid for a long time on a jungle planet... It was like a paradise and we were happy in each other's company. I had a revelation while there...

In some ways the Sith were right to sense the importance of strong emotions...but they had it backwards. It was love, not hate that was the true fuel of the Force, happiness not sorrow that let a jedi perform great feats. I centered myself on the true manifestation of the Force - in the bond between myself and my padawan. We were not philosophers or academics...we did not quiblle over rules or laws. We lived like free and happy children, one with the Force and nature.

Haven't you ever wondered why untrained children can be so in-tune with the Force? Precisely because they are not prejudiced. They greet each new oppurtunity with Love and respect.

The jedi found us. The master of the temple himself came. He demanded we return to the temple to be re-educated. My padawan raised her blade against him, though I tried to stop her.
He cut her down in an instant.

We both stared at her broken body. I'm not sure what happened next. My mind is blank.

The next thing I knew I was here. Locked in the tower. There is a hidden mechanism which can be activated to suppress Force powers. It must have deactivated due to age years ago. Some would visit me, they said I was mad. I was never released. I wasted away... Now I am here.

I'm sorry if I frightened the boy, Seth. I meant him no harm. Children are a great blessing. I did not mean to confuse him. He is too young to be shown the cruelty that men, even jedi are capable of.
But I beg you, do not deprive me of his company. It is so long since I have heard simple things like a child's laughter...